SWAT & Tactical

Safer Building Searches for SWAT and Patrol

Todd Fletcher Responding to alarms, locating suspects, and investigating burglaries are just a few of the calls which require superior searching techniques and tactics. SWAT operators and patrol officers spend a significant amount of time conducting searches of buildings, yards and other areas. As such, both operators and patrol officers need to be properly trained and equipped for conducting safe and thorough searches. Whether deployed on a SWAT mission or working the streets, we need to condition ourselves to look…

Doing the Combat Glide

Al Baker, Jim Weiss and Mickey Davis This natural, smooth, tactical movement style works well with ballistic shield use. The objective of this article is to review and expand the tactics of walking and shooting while employing a handheld ballistic shield. This broader understanding helps to provide effective lethal force to active threats without distracting the operator, thereby achieving a higher level of live fire movement using unconscious proficiency. Developed as a result of over 25 years of firearms training…

Tactical First Aid for Police Officers

Any tactical first aid kit should include combat vetted and tested treatments for the most common and deadly types of injuries found in a hazardous environment.“No widely accepted, specialized medical training exists for police officers confronted with medical emergencies while under conditions of active threat,” researchers noted in “Police officer response to the injured officer: […]