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Use-of-Force Policy and Training Issues

Ed Nowicki One of the most important aspects of a law enforcement officer’s duty relates to the use of force. If officers do not respond with force in certain circumstances, these officers may pay the ultimate price with their lives. If their force response is excessive, they may unlawfully take someone’s life. NOTE: This article was written by a use-of-force practitioner and a judicially recognized use-of-force expert who is not a licensed attorney. This article does not constitute legal advice….

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Online Education: How to Make It Work for You

Dr. Stephenie Slahor Management of your time is critical to your success if you decide to obtain your higher education through an online distance learning program. Way back when, there were “correspondence courses” in which a course curriculum was set by a university and a faculty member directed a student, by mail, in study, readings, assignments, and exams. The idea worked well for people who lived far from a university, but who wanted to study a particular course. It also…