Training & Education

The Police Leader’s Role

Gerald W. Garner There is nothing the law enforcement leader does which is more important than working to assure the well-being of his (or her) employees. Once they know that they have that backing from leadership, most will be willing to go out and do a job which may be more dangerous today than it has been in years. Policing has never been easy, but today’s challenges have further complicated an already convoluted public safety scenario. Leading a law enforcement…

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Tips and Tricks for Building Better Fundamentals

Todd Fletcher Once we build a solid foundation based on the fundamentals, we can continue to push our skills in courses of fire and scenarios which stress our ability to apply marksmanship. Over the course of my career as a police officer and firearms instructor, I have met some instructors who are good at setting up courses of fire designed to test a shooter’s combative firearms skills. Most of these include a variety of skills important to law enforcement officers….