The May/June 2020 issue is our annual Weapons edition.

May June Cover of Police and Security News

Highlights from this issue include:

  • Pistol Practice with a Purpose
  • Confidence and Competence through Weapon Handling Practice
  • Coronavirus and Police Cars
  • The CARES Act and Its Impact on State and Local Governments
  • New Police Vehicles and Equipment
  • Firearms Simulators and Training Equipment
  • And Much More!

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Pistol Practice with a Purpose

Mike Boyle Without question, these are dangerous times for the law enforcement professional. Over the last several years, the rate of attack on officers has been creeping up along with a corresponding spike in serious injuries and fatalities.   To meet this challenge and to stay safe, many officers recognize that they have to take the initiative. To cut right to the chase, spending a few hours on the range or in the gym only when the department pays you…

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