The January/February 2023 issue is our annual SWAT/Tactical Operations edition.

P&SN Jan Feb 2023 Issue Cover

Highlights from this issue include:

  • What Are the Leadership Principles of Elite Tactical Teams?
  • Ballistic Shields Part 1: Basics and Tactics
  • It’s in the Eyes
  • Better Education = Greater Advancement
  • Protecting the Thin Blue Line Is Job One
  • The Latest in Firearms, Ammunition and Accessories
  • And Much More!

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Ballistic Shields Part 1: Basics and Tactics

Jake Ganor The shield is older than civilization itself and no other implement has shaped warfare to such a tremendous extent.  Shield walls and phalanx tactics are plainly visible in carvings from ancient Sumeria which date back to 2600 BC. Shield wall tactics were also used by ancient Egyptians. In Ancient Greece, all infantry tactics were built around the shield – a hoplite was not considered armed without his aspis which enabled the phalanx formations of the age – and…

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