The July/August 2019 issue is our annual Surveillance and Investigative Technology edition.

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Highlights from this issue include:

  • How Law Enforcement Is Using Genealogy Testing Services to Solve Cold Cases
  • Video Analytics
  • Ballistic Armor Update: 2019
  • Combative Shotgun: The MOST Effective Close Quarter Small Arm Currently in Existence!
  • Innovative SWAT/Tactical Equipment
  • And so much more!

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Ballistic Armor Update: 2019

Bill Siuru, Ph.D., PE The 26th Annual Report on the Latest Advances in Ballistic Armor Technology and Design The big news for 2019 is the issuance of NIJ Standard 0101.07 (or the pending issuance) which comes over a decade after the release of NIJ Standard 0101.06. This new standard improves the test methods, along with the performance requirements, for the level of ballistic resistance body armor must have to protect the torso from handgun and rifle fire. The NIJ Standard…

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