Computer Hardware/Software Technology

The September/October 2018  issue is our annual Computer Hardware/Software Technology edition.

Front Cover PS&News

Highlights from this issue include:

  • When Officers Become the Target: How to Protect Yourself from Doxing
  • Automated License Plate Recognition Technology Evolves
  • Tips and Tricks for Building Better Fundamentals
  • Specialized Circumstances: Searching Individuals Wearing Medical Apparatus
  • How to Acquire Law Enforcement Grants
  • The New Commander – Problems and Solutions
  • Body-worn and In-car Video Systems

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The National Tactical Officers Association Releases Updated Tactical Response and Operations Standard for Law Enforcement

The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) announced the latest update to its Tactical Response and Operation Standard (TROS) for Law Enforcement. This document establishes a basic set of standards for law enforcement agencies and serves as an efficient core set of concepts and principles which improve standardization within the profession of tactical law enforcement services. The NTOA’s mission is to enhance the performance and professional status of law enforcement personnel by providing a credible and proven training resource, as well…

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