The November/December 2019 issue is our annual Law Enforcement Training edition

Police and Security News Cover

Highlights from this issue include:

  • Essential Patrol Rifle Knowledge and Skills
  • Getting Into Action: The Draw Stroke
  • Ten Ways to Be the Best Law Enforcement Trainer
  • Transportation 2020: The 22nd Annual Report on the Latest in Police Vehicles, Components and Aftermarket Equipment
  • No More “Dusting for Prints”
  • Body Armor and Ballistic Protection Equipment
  • And Much More!

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Ten Ways to Be the Best Law Enforcement Trainer

Ed Nowicki Anyone who trains law enforcement personnel knows that you need to be at the top of your game to stand in front of a group of officers as an instructor. Presenting necessary information or assisting officers in developing new or improved skills can be more than challenging. However, officers may also be extremely appreciative if they see the benefits of what the instructor is presenting. There are no shortcuts to being a good instructor. There are a number…

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