The March/April 2021 issue is our annual Buyer’s Information Guide edition


March April 2021 Issues


Highlights from this issue include:

  •  New Firearms and Gear for 2021
  • Stand Proud for This Honorable Profession
  • The Latest Equipment and Technology
  • New Flashlight Tech
  • And Much More!

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Stand Proud for this Honorable Profession

Todd Fletcher About five years ago, while teaching a class in Las Vegas, I overheard an off-the-cuff comment which has stuck with me since that time.  We had just finished cleaning up after class and I approached a group of officers readying to take the range. They were standing around talking, prepping gear and making sure they had all signed in for the evening’s training session. Just being friendly, I asked one of the more “veteran” guys if he was…

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