The September/October 2020 issue is our annual Computer Hardware/Software Solutions edition


Cover of Sept Oct Issue


Highlights from this issue include:

  • Scheduling Software Essentials
  • The New “Reality”: How Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) Impact Law Enforcement Training
  • Executive Orders, Chokehold Bans and Eliminating Qualified Immunity: We Are a Witness to History
  • Duty Flashlight Selection
  • Police Vehicle Update
  • Body-worn and In-car Video Systems

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Law Enforcement Mental Health Learning Sites

Jurisdictions around the country are exploring strategies to improve the outcomes of encounters between law enforcement and people who have mental health needs. In an effort to expand the knowledge base for law enforcement agencies interested in starting or enhancing a comprehensive police/mental health collaboration, the Council of State Governments Justice Center, with assistance from a team of national experts and the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance, selected ten law enforcement agencies to serve as national law…

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