Buyer's Information Guide

The March/April 2017 issue is our annual Buyer’s Information Guide edition

Highlights from this issue include:
• What’s Hot from SHOT? The 26th Annual Roundup Covering New Firearms for 2017
• Five Ways to Reconnect with Your Community
• Developing the Next Generation of Police Leadership
• Don’t Put Up with Poor Performers
• Retire These Range Sayings!
• New Flashlights for Law Enforcement
• And Much More!

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Please Retire These Range Sayings!

Todd Fletcher  There are a number of catchphrases which firearms instructors have been repeating over and over for what seems like an eternity. Regardless of the instructor’s home base, these phrases are generally accepted and repeated throughout the country without a great deal of critical thought. Instead of offering help to our students, the use of these phrases oftentimes contributes to a lack of improvement. From this point forward, I suggest we stop using the following phrases and truly focus…

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