The November/December 2019 issue is our annual Law Enforcement Training edition

Police and Security News Cover

Highlights from this issue include:

  • Essential Patrol Rifle Knowledge and Skills
  • Getting Into Action: The Draw Stroke
  • Ten Ways to Be the Best Law Enforcement Trainer
  • Transportation 2020: The 22nd Annual Report on the Latest in Police Vehicles, Components and Aftermarket Equipment
  • No More “Dusting for Prints”
  • Body Armor and Ballistic Protection Equipment
  • And Much More!

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…AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH November/December 2019

Ramesh Nyberg We Didn’t Start the Fire…             By the time you read this, the holiday season will be in full swing. So, this column focuses on reflection of the past, and thanks – yes, thanks – to our brothers and sisters in blue from the past. What they had to deal with, and how they dealt with it, is an exploration most of us don’t really know about and it has shaped what we – as law enforcement agencies…

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