Law Enforcement Training Issue

The November/December 2017 issue is our annual Law Enforcement Training edition.

Police and Security News Cover November/December 2017 Issue
Highlights from this issue include:

• Eleven Firearms-related Skills Which Most Cops Don’t Practice (but Really Should)

• Target Selection for Effective Firearms Training

• Sexting: Are You Training to Prevent It?

• Transportation 2018: The 20th Annual Report on the Latest in Police Vehicles, Components and Aftermarket Equipment

• The Best Cop Movies of All Time

• Ten Critical Management Training Areas to Review

• And Much More!

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Sexting: Are You Training to Prevent It?

John G. Peters, Jr., Ph.D., CTC, CLS By now, you have heard about the 21 month jail sentence given to former New York Congressman, Anthony Weiner, for sexting a 15-year-old girl. Sentenced on September 25, 2017, he will begin his incarceration in early November. Sexting, or textual harassment, generally involves the sending or receiving of sexually explicit text messages, photos, video, social network messages, E-mails, etc., which can lead to a sexually charged workplace, cyberbullying, embarrassment, and almost always gets…

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