The Importance and Benefits of Traffic Enforcement

Dr. Stephenie Slahor What priority does traffic enforcement have in your agency compared to other activities involving life, property and community service? A low priority might reflect a statement such as, “We’re too busy with other work.” Maybe, it is the lament of, “We don’t have enough staff to do traffic.” Perhaps your current employment scene is seeing the retirement or resignations of too many staff. Or, perhaps there’s a perception that traffic enforcement will lessen the harmony between the…

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Preventing Attacks Using Targeted Violence Manifestos

Published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), this article argues that written and spoken communications authored and leaked by lone perpetrators who actively plan and prepare targeted violence can be utilized to prevent destructive attacks. Targeted violence refers to intended attacks by an offender who preselects one or more targets, such as people at a specific location in a public setting (e.g., school, workplace, concert). A copy of the article can be found at