“Understanding Digital Footprints: Steps to Protect Personal Information”

“Understanding Digital Footprints: Steps to Protect Personal Information” provides material designed to assist law enforcement personnel in protecting themselves and their families from becoming cyber targets: protecting personal information; cyber dos and don’ts; and links to further cyber training and resources. To view the full document, visit Additional cyber-related resources are available on the Law Enforcement Cyber Center Web site at  

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New Free App Addresses Cops’ Health Issues

Do you want to know why your diet isn’t working…how to survive psychologically as a cop…what clues may signal mental illness in a fellow officer…how to use the right self-talk to improve performance…or answers to a growing list of other health and fitness questions relevant to law enforcement? Now, there’s an app for that, thanks to the creative energy of Force Science instructor Dr. John Azar-Dickens. A practicing clinical psychologist, college professor and sworn police officer, Azar-Dickens recently launched the…