Promising Strategies for Strengthening Homicide Investigations

With support from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) conducted a multiyear project to assess homicide investigation practices in five cities: Baltimore, Cleveland, Houston, Miami, and Pittsburgh. A recent report, Promising Strategies for Strengthening Homicide Investigations, summarizes the lessons learned from those studies and serves as a roadmap to effective homicide investigations, based on policies, practices and strategies which police departments have found successful. A copy of the report can be found at

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2019 Model Year Patrol Vehicle Evaluation Report Released

Since 1981, the National Institute of Justice, through the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Information Center system, has partnered with the Michigan State Police (MSP) to conduct an annual patrol vehicle evaluation. You can find the recently released 2019 model year report, Police Vehicle Evaluation Model Year 2019, at The purchase of patrol vehicles is one of the largest expenditures a law enforcement agency faces. For many years, police fleet administrators have had numerous choices to make when…