The Wheels of Justice

The Wheels of Justice January/February 2021

Sergeant James Post Protecting Officers: Ballistic Armor for Police Vehicles Advances in ballistic protection technology have made adding armor to law enforcement vehicles easier and more affordable, eliminating the need for “patrol cars” like the one shown below.  “Let’s be careful out there.” With these words, Sergeant Phil Esterhaus (played by Michael Conrad) closed the daily roll call which signaled a new episode of the beloved “Hill Street Blues,” a television show on NBC which aired from 1981 to 1987….

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The Wheels of Justice November December 2018

Sergeant James Post TRANSPORTATION 2019 P&SN presents its 21st annual report on the latest technical advances in police vehicles, components and aftermarket equipment. Welcome to our annual transportation issue which covers all that’s new in LE transportation as gleaned from national events like the IACP Conference, National Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conference, Police Fleet Expo, and the annual Michigan State Police (MSP) vehicle evaluations. This year, we’ve rearranged a couple of sections to provide you with a faster, easier review. Our…