….and nothing but the truth

…AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH January/February 2020

Ramesh Nyberg Full Disclosure Okay, this is almost full disclosure. A couple of years ago, a close family member confided in me that they had taken LSD at some point in their young life. A year later, a second family member admitted the same thing. I was flabbergasted. LSD? The stuff which made Art Linkletter’s daughter jump out of a window because she was convinced she could fly? That stuff? No, I was told, this is not – in essence…

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…and nothing but the truth. Ramesh Nyberg It’s all relative. Isn’t it? I mean, EVERYTHING – it’s all relative to your personal perspective. The idea of “wealth,” for example, has a different meaning and different threshold of net worth, depending upon where you live, how old you are and a bunch of different factors. For the past several years, we’ve been hearing this wave of antipolice vocalists, all chanting how horrible and brutal and corrupt and oppressive American police are….