Getting an Edge on Online Threat Actors

Johnmichael O’Hare Law enforcement agencies must contend with the proverbial double-edged sword when they attempt to chase down crime in the online world. On one side, threat actors leave a trail of information through Internet activity, social media posts and cell phone use which investigators can track. But, on the other side, those same actors – if sufficiently knowledgeable – can use born on the Web techniques to conceal their activities and evade detection. The same dichotomy also surfaces when…

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Automated License Plate Recognition Technology Evolves

Rebecca Waters         Rapid changes in technology can make it difficult to stay ahead of the game. The above statement is particularly true when it comes to Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems which combine cameras, data processors and character recognition software, all of which are constantly evolving. Even law enforcement’s use of the technology continues to evolve. Once used only to recover stolen vehicles and track expired vehicle registrations, ALPR is now used to solve a countless number of offenses….