The Springfield Armory® 1911 DS Prodigy – It Lives Up to Its Name

Todd Fletcher Prod·i·gy       /’prädejē/                     1        a: highly talented child or youth b: an extraordinary, marvelous or unusual accomplishment, deed or event                     2        a: something extraordinary or inexplicable                               b: a portentous event; omen What happens when you combine the iconic M1911, update it with the best technology of today and put it into a duty ready package equipped to surpass all expectations of what a duty pistol should be? You get the Springfield Armory 1911 DS Prodigy….

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New Guns for 2020 Mike Boyle The 29th Annual Roundup Covering New Firearms of Most Interest to Law Enforcement The SHOT Show might be best described as the world’s largest firearms exposition, and manufacturers large and small use this event to introduce their newest products and services. As in recent years, the SHOT Show was held in the Sands Convention Center located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and this year it drew over 55,000 attendees. With over 2,000 manufacturers on hand,…