Police-Mental Health Collaboration Toolkit

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) has developed a Police-Mental Health Collaboration (PMHC) Web-based toolkit which provides resources for law enforcement agencies to partner with mental health providers to effectively respond to calls for service, improve outcomes for people with mental illness and advance the safety of all. The PMHC toolkit includes information on various aspects of PMHC programs, such as planning and implementing, training, managing, and measuring performance. The Web-based toolkit can be found at

Night Vision Depot Becomes Night Vision Devices

William Grube, President and CEO of Night Vision Depot, announced that the company will officially change its name to Night Vision Devices starting January 1, 2017. For over ten years, Night Vision Depot has been a strong leader in providing quality night vision solutions to law enforcement and other markets. The name change reflects the company’s broader commitment and expertise in improving night vision technologies. William Grube explained that the new name reflects their position with a strong core brand,…

BJA Funding Opportunities

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Justice Programs (OJP), Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) has recently released a number of funding opportunities for law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, ranging from preventing and reducing intellectual property theft and related crime to assisting agencies, to supporting agencies in employing data-driven, cross sector strategies to reduce crime, increase trust and improve community safety. Funding opportunities include the Smart Policing Initiative; the Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program; the Intellectual Property…