Resources Available for Responding to Mass Violence

Published by the Bureau of Justice’s National Training and Technical Assistance Center, these broad resources are available to agencies and communities as they assess their situational readiness and develop comprehensive emergency response plans. The resources include several helpful tools to guide response to the immediate, short-term and ongoing needs of victims and responders in mass-casualty incidents. There are also federal funding sources to support response and recovery.  To view the list of resources, visit

New Report on Emergent Technologies and Extremists: The DWeb as a New Internet Reality

Published by the Global Network on Extremism and Technology, this report focuses on the pros and cons of the Decentralized Web (DWeb) with regards to right-wing extremists and the Islamic State (IS) and their likelihood to exploit it. Specifically, the report addresses the following: What is the DWeb?Review of current literature on content moderation and online extremism.How do extremists exploit the DWeb?How could extremists exploit the DWeb?Policy considerations for policymakers and technology companies. Visit to read the full report.

Midyear Violent Crime Report

Published by the Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA), this midyear report contains data from various agencies throughout the US and Canada comparing topics such as homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault incidents. Most notably, from 2021–2022, incidents of robbery in major US cities increased from 53,212 to 60,175 and aggravated assault from 152,760 to 156,735. Major cities in Canada saw an increase in all reported categories from 2021–2022. The full report can be downloaded at

Federal Agencies Release Joint Study on Workplace Violence

Published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, this report provides the latest findings on fatal and nonfatal crimes which occurred in the workplace or away from work over work-related issues. Findings are presented for 13 indicators of workplace violence, using data from five federal data collections. The study found that, over a 27 year period from 1992 to 2019, nearly 18,000 persons were killed at work, on duty, or in violence which was work-related, using data from the Bureau of…

FBI Releases 2021 Statistics on Law Enforcement Officers Killed in the Line of Duty

Published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), this report provides the 2021 statistics on the law enforcement officers killed in line-of-duty incidents. Of these, 73 officers died as a result of felonious acts and 56 officers died in accidents. Comprehensive data tables about these incidents and brief narratives describing the fatal attacks were released recently in the Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA) portion on the FBI’s Law Enforcement Data Explorer.  A copy of the full report can…

IACP Resources: Anti-Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance

Published by the International Association for Chiefs of Police (IACP), this toolkit contains several different types of resources for combatting human trafficking. Human trafficking is one of the world’s fastest growing criminal activities, operating on the same scale as the illegal trade of guns and drugs. The toolkit contains upcoming events related to human trafficking, as well as checklists, articles and additional tools. To view the resources available, visit


On Monday, August 30th, 2021, at approximately 1:08 p.m. deputies of the Brevard County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office were conducting a joint operation with members of the United States Border Patrol in an interdiction operation along Interstate 95 in Brevard County. During this time, Brevard County Deputy Tyler Thoman conducted a traffic stop for a broken tail light on a vehicle near the intersection of Highway 192 and Columbia Lane in West Melbourne, Florida. Upon approaching the subject vehicle, it was…

Roadway Safety Resource Toolkit

Published by the National Policing Institute, this toolkit is provided to help agencies develop or modify policy, provide additional training to officers, and change organizational culture to improve officer safety on the roadways. The toolkit includes safety messaging, example policies, traffic incident management resources, and more. The toolkit is available at

Preventing Attacks Using Targeted Violence Manifestos

Published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), this article argues that written and spoken communications authored and leaked by lone perpetrators who actively plan and prepare targeted violence can be utilized to prevent destructive attacks. Targeted violence refers to intended attacks by an offender who preselects one or more targets, such as people at a specific location in a public setting (e.g., school, workplace, concert). A copy of the article can be found at

The National Tactical Officers Association Announces

39th Annual Law Enforcement Operations Conference & Trade Show The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) is proud to announce registration is now open for its 39th Annual Law Enforcement Operations Conference & Trade Show. The Wisconsin Center is the location for this six-day event featuring more than 100 seminars and incident debriefs that will provide high-quality training to help enhance tactics, leadership and professionalism. Hundreds of vendors will also present the latest in law enforcement technology at a two-day trade…