Ballistic Armor Update: 2022

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P&SN Staff

The 29th Annual Report on the Latest Advances in Ballistic Armor Technology and Design

As of the beginning of July, the NIJ’s revised ballistic-resistant body armor standard 0101.07 is still awaiting implementation. Announced back in 2018, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) had planned to release a revised version of the current ballistic-resistant body armor standard in late 2020. Implementation was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, unnamed industry sources state that the new standard will be released to manufacturers in the fall of 2022.

New Book Now Available

Jake Ganor, CEO of Adept Armor, has recently published a book providing a comprehensive understanding of how armor plates are designed, the materials used, performance characteristics, ballistic testing protocols, and what’s in the near future for body armor.

Available on Amazon, Body Armor and Light Ballistic Armor Materials and Systems helps readers better understand the materials and science behind ballistic body armor systems. It gives a general overview of today’s offerings, as well as providing a history of body armor in the modern era.

The initial chapters review the main types of body armor offered today. Subsequent chapters dive deeper into body armor materials, properties, histories, uses, and what the future holds. The third section reviews the combat helmet and its history. The final section includes appendices providing the reader with supplemental statistical, technical and terminological information, including a comprehensive glossary.

A Kindle edition is available for only $5.99 and can be found at

NIJ Body Armor Poster

The National Institute of Justice has recently created a poster which provides critical information concerning the care of law enforcement body armor, including where to check for NIJ compliance certification and essential pointers for the proper upkeep of body armor.

The NIJ will be making full-size printed copies of this poster. If you are interested in being alerted when copies are available, please fill out the AskNIJ form ( and be sure to include the following information in the question or comment field:

“I am interested in the body armor poster;”

The name of your agency or organization;

The number of posters you would be interested in receiving; and

An active E-mail address.

Once the posters are available, the NIJ will reach out with ordering instructions.


The new Scalable Plate Rack (SPR) from PROJECT7 ARMOR is purpose-built to provide scalability from a plate rack to an entry vest and configurability allowing you to change your loadout to fit your mission. Scalability refers to the ability to add optional soft ballistics to the SPR platform, “scaling” it either up or down. Configurability refers to the ability to “configure” various features of the SPR to the end-user’s preference.

Configurable features include: a Loadout System, In-Cummerbund Adaptive Pouch and Lining. The SPR is designed for special operations personnel who have a broad range of missions including high-speed dynamic entries, linear assaults, vertical access work, and rural operations. (

Adept Armor

Adept Armor has recently introduced the Colossus armor plate which offers protective capabilities beyond Level IV or RF3 plates. The Colossus utilizes advanced materials to produce the strongest plate in its category, yet weighs significantly less than the average Level IV or RF3 plate at just over six pounds (in the Shooter’s Cut), and is only 1.13″ in thickness.

The Colossus was built and tested to VPAM 12 with a ballistic rating for 7.62x51mm Swiss P AP (tungsten core) at 810 m/s. VPAM is the European standard for testing and measurement of ballistic materials and products. Additionally, the Colossus is also rated for: VPAM 11 – 7.62x51mm M993 (tungsten core) at 940 m/s; Level IV (RF3) – .30-06 AP M2 at 880 m/s; and special threats such as the 5.56x45mm M995 at 1000 m/s (along with similar and lesser threats).The Colossus is available in a variety of configurations and offers edge-to-edge protection.

Also new from Adept is the new Storm Foundation UHMWPE plate which enables users to upgrade from Level III, to III+, to Level IV on the same base plate. The Storm: Titanium, which is currently available, is a low-profile titanium plate which can attach to the strike-face of the Foundation plate. When the two are combined, they bring the total thickness to just 1.1″ and the weight to 5.5 pounds, offering protection from high velocity, steel cored rifle ball threats such as the M855 and 5.45x39mm 7N6. The Storm: Disruptor is a forthcoming add-on armor plate, intended for the most extreme threat environments. Made of a toughened ceramic composite, it can combine with the Foundation to upgrade protection to Level IV. (

Armor Express

New from Armor Express is the RAVEN 2.0, a modular tactical entry vest with integrated thermal management technology from BODY ARMOR VENT®. The Raven 2.0 emphasizes comfort and control and features Advanced Shoulder Pads (ASP) with Routing Channel and Front and Rear Integrated I.C.E. Ventilation System with EVAP Technology.

Its 360 degree Raschel Mesh construction includes a four fully adjustable, streamlined shoulder strap system. (

BlueRidge Armor, LLC

The VENGEANCE Series WMX6 IIIA Ballistic Entry Shield by BlueRidge Armor has been designed with direct input from federal law enforcement agents. Features include the VENGEANCEViewport and the Elzetta Horizontal Handle system. The Viewport maintains a wide field of sight when compared to standard rectangular viewports while enhancing lower peripheral vision giving a clear forward view of obstacles and trip hazards.

The BlueRidge Armor WMX6 is a weapon mount upper shield platform designed for maximum coverage with a tapered lower which improves mobility in narrow passageways. The WMX6 measures 20″ x 34″ and weighs only 14.5 pounds (with Viewport). It is NIJ 0108.01 Rated IIIA and Special Threat tested. (


BODY ARMOR VENT’s B-24 Custom Fit Kit, available in three sizes, is designed to be a make your own BODY ARMOR VENT custom cut to fit your specific tactical gear. 

The B-24 panels feature evaporation and ventilation technology. EVAP is the continuous air flow between your body and your gear. Air flow around and through the panel is driven as the hot air expands and your own body movement provides the air flow which then produces evaporative cooling. 

BODY ARMOR VENT’s foam filled, vertical air channels force air flow upwards and also through horizontal vent holes to enable true evaporation of sweat from behind your gear. (


New to the BulletSafe lineup, and designed specifically for BulletSafe vests, the Tactical Plate Carrier is perfectly compatible with BulletSafe’s American-made, NIJ-certified, 10″ x 12″, 7.5 pound Level IV Armored Plates. The Tactical Plate Carrier features robust front and back plate carrier pockets complete with top side, hook and loop closures.

The one-size-fits-most BulletSafe Tactical Plate Carrier also features a 600 denier polyester and neoprene construction; a padded interior; adjustable, nonslip shoulder pads; and adjustable, padded waist straps. A drag handle is included for easy carry or emergency extraction. The vest’s front and rear hook and loop areas and MOLLE straps provide mounting surfaces for patches, identification and other accessories. (

Fiber Brokers International, LLC

Fiber Brokers International continues to provide secure destruction and environmentally safe disposal of personal protective equipment. They provide law enforcement agencies with an easy way to securely decommission, deconstruct and recycle their expired body armor. They’ve also established relationships with manufacturing companies, recycling organizations, environmental organizations, community organizations, and the NIJ, ensuring that the materials they receive are disposed of properly and responsibly while creating a positive impact within the community.   

Due to disposal issues related to ballistic body armor, they honor strict material logging and tracking methods for aged soft body armor and other sensitive ballistic materials. (

Hardwire®, LLC

Hardwire, LLC has recently armored a patrol boat for the Maryland DNR with a modular tactical shield barrier which can be assembled and disassembled with ease. The engineers at Hardwire designed and installed eight feet of lower gunnel armor panels on the port and starboard bow; 12 removable upper gunner police shields for higher bow protection; three center console panels for crew and driver protection; and a storage box for all the assemblies to stow away in the bow area. The angled gunner shield design offers aerodynamic sailing and overhead coverage. The reconfigurable nature of the shields and brackets offers versatility to the design as well as access to the dock when removed. All of the installed armor is NIJ Level III protection.

Hardwire also has the distinction of being the first company to armor an electric vehicle. Featured at the 2022 New York International Automobile Show, the NYPD 2022 Mustang GT Mach-E is a fully electric, all-wheel-drive vehicle equipped with Hardwire ballistic door panels and window inserts on both driver and passenger doors. The new NYPD armored electric fleet of 100 cars is currently in service. (

Point Blank Body Armor

The new Origin by PARACLETE® is a body armor tactical platform which is scalable, modular and designed to “armor up” from concealable to full tactical. The Origin allows users to adapt the system according to the immediate threat level through interchangeable components.

The Origin Ballistic Mantle is the foundation of this platform. The ultra-low profile ballistic throat protector is designed to be quickly deployed or stowed at the low ready while you have your gear on. This design offers ballistic coverage which does not interfere with equipment, movement and gas masks.

The Origin system includes numerous components such as ballistic mantle, telescopic bicep deltoid, MOLLE compatible panels, adjustable cummerbund, belt system, three-part thigh protection, posterior protection, and more.

Also new is the Vanguard ballistic shield which provides Level III protection and is available in three shapes. A wide, rectangular shaped viewport provides improved viewing capabilities while the mounted platform on each side allows the operator to position their weapon for optimum firing position. The Vanguard measures 20″ x 30″ (with viewport) and weighs 14.4 pounds. (

Ring Power Corporation

The Rook, fabricated by Ring Power Corporation, is a tracked armored vehicle which utilizes mission-specific attachments.

The Rook’s newly upgraded Armored Deployment Platform (ADP) now provides entry into a three-story structure while providing NIJ Level IV armor protection.

The ADP is one of four attachments which come standard with The Rook and has always supported second-story entry from the floor of the platform. The new improvements have added a ladder system and rooftop platform, enabling officers to make third-story entry by climbing to the rooftop of the ADP.

The ADP includes a sloping, partial roof cover and a floor-to-roof front shield. The shield features sliding center doors and bat wing doors on the outer edges, plus independent power for two Golights. The ADP provides room for up to four officers and is equipped with two locking gun ports, four 5″ x 9″ sliding gun ports, six ballistic glass sight ports, and wireless video cameras with video feed to the equipment operator. (