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P&SN presents its 24th annual report on the latest technical advances in police vehicles, components and aftermarket equipment.

Welcome to our annual transportation issue when we announce the results of the annual Michigan State Police (MSP) pursuit vehicle evaluations and introduce you to recently released vehicle and equipment announcements. Unfortunately, like our 2021 report, the results for 2022 have once again been impacted by worldwide events, primarily COVID-19. From politics to fuel shortages, to the shortage of computer chips, to shipping containers stranded in the Pacific Ocean with no trucks to transport their contents, it seems we wake up every day to a new dose of doom and gloom. Some departments required to purchase new units under a state bid process have had to circumvent that process and purchase from local dealers. Used cruiser prices have skyrocketed and even the Ford® CVPI (discontinued in 2011) is being sold at over half of the original MSRP!

This annual feature is designed to unveil the latest technology and products (as well as vehicles) to enable you to make viable, educated choices for your next budgets. In addition to the MSP results, most of what we write about is gleaned from various LE expos around the country; however, the largest (hosted by the IACP) was again cancelled this year. This, along with companies hesitant to develop new products in the midst of an unstable economy and delivery concerns, impacts our efforts. While the auto manufacturers were able to provide MSP with vehicles to test, most were carryover 2021 units which may be tweaked when production ramps up. Delivery for some new models is likely the first quarter of next year or later.

Our coverage begins with the results of the MSP tests, where 11 vehicles and four motorcycles were put through the paces.  

Sections following the MSP results and the vehicle and motorcycle reviews include emergency lighting, consoles, storage solutions, and more.


The annual Michigan State Police vehicle evaluations were conducted September 16-20, 2021. Pursuit vehicle acceleration, top speed and braking were conducted at the Chelsea (Chrysler) Proving Grounds in Chelsea, MI, while motorcycle tests were conducted at the MSP track in Lansing, MI.

Chevrolet provided two Tahoe SUVs for testing, both with 5.3L V-8s, one RWD and one 4WD, while Dodge® presented four members of their LE Pursuit program, two Chargers – a 3.6L AWD and a 5.7L HEMI® RWD – and two Durango SUVs, both AWD, powered with either the 3.6L V-6 or 5.7L V-8. Ford brought a full pallet of vehicles, three SUVs, a pickup and an all-electric coupe. Their SUV lineup consisted of three PI Utilities (all in AWD), the Hybrid, an EcoBoost® 3.0L and a base 3.0L; the F-150 3.5L EcoBoost Responder® pickup; and the Mustang Mach-E AWD coupe.

Basically, there were two types of popular LE vehicles tested for the annual evaluation, sedans and SUVs, with a pickup and an electric coupe thrown in for good measure. Gradually, starting with the Jeep® Cherokee, the SUVs have gained popularity with the only extra expense (over a sedan) being that they require two prisoner partitions to keep prisoners from climbing out the rear hatch. Now, the SUVs have all but replaced sedans. Currently, once the workhorse of cops everywhere, only one police sedan remains, the Dodge Charger Pursuit and, despite being the only sedan tested, it provided some of the best results of this year’s tests.  

Acceleration and Top Speed

These categories are always the first results cops are interested in, but they are also the most troubling for the brass because we’ve seen speeds increase dramatically over the last 20 years I’ve been covering these tests. Before we get into timed results, we’ll answer the first question always asked…this year’s fastest police car was the Ford Utility with the amazing EcoBoost V-6 engine at 148 mph. Second was a tie between the two Pursuit Chargers, the RWD HEMI and the often overlooked AWD V-6 at 139 mph. Third place may surprise some skeptics, as it was the Ford Utility Hybrid at 136 mph. Other top speeds of note were the Ford F-150 Responder at 120 mph and the EV Mustang Mach-E at 124 mph, but more on them later.

Other than the Ford Utilities, top speed of the other SUVs ranked as follows: the Dodge Durango V-8 and the Tahoe RWD tied for first at 130 mph, the AWD Durango V-6 was second at 127 mph and the Tahoe 4WD came in third (and slowest) at 124 mph. 

The next category we follow is the timed results of 0-60 and 0-120 mph, as these represent the time it takes to go from a standing start to overtaking a violator. This year, we’ll also report the time it takes to reach the top speeds. All of these results are of particular interest to state patrols and city/county enforcement units. These are recorded in seconds and there were some surprises.

The best results in the 0-60 mph analysis were the Utility EcoBoost first at 5.45 seconds; in second was the RWD Charger at 6.15 seconds; and third was the Durango HEMI at 6.70 seconds. The 0-100 mph results were the Utility EcoBoost first again at 13.47 seconds; in second at 14.06 was the RWD Charger and in third at 17.40 seconds was the Utility Hybrid.

The distance to reach 100 mph and top speed are other important considerations and are measured in tenths of a mile. The quickest to reach 100 mph was the Utility EcoBoost at 0.23 miles; second was the V-8 RWD Charger at 0.24 miles and third was the Utility Hybrid at 0.30 miles. The distance needed to reach top speed varied somewhat with the RWD Charger the best at 0.93; second was the Hybrid Utility at 1.25 miles and third at 1.28 miles was the Durango HEMI.

Vehicle Braking

Even more important than acceleration is stopping distance because that can mean the difference between catching a violator or ending up in the ER or worse. A factor to remember is that with today’s speeds, engines and superior handling, it’s possible to outrun your own siren. Couple that with car windows rolled up, Sirius radio blasting and drivers talking/texting, your brakes are your best friend.

The projected stopping distance is determined by the average of three 60-0 mph stops and are reported in feet. Surprisingly, the best (shortest) at 129.10 feet was the RWD Tahoe with the AWD Charger second at 129.70 feet; third was the 4WD Tahoe at 131.50 feet. The worst recorded was the AWD Durango at 136.60 feet, 7½ feet further than the first place Tahoe which equals a T-bone in an intersection that the Chevy would have avoided!

Other Results

The results of the two non-sedan/SUV evaluations, the F-150 and the Mustang were not factored into the aforementioned results, as they are considered “niche” vehicles, not associated with normal patrol/pursuit duties, but we have included them for those of you who may have an interest in these vehicles. I think the results will surprise you.

Ford F-150 Responder: Rural and/or mountainous jurisdictions are utilizing pickup trucks more frequently and Ford, RAM® and Chevrolet all offer LE versions; however, only the Ford truck was tested this year and with results which will surely get the attention of the competition. The 150’s top speed was 120 mph which should scare the crap out of speeders when they see it in the rearview mirror. With a 0-60 of 5.79 seconds and 0-100 of 14.34 seconds, I hope whatever is in the bed is secure. Stopping distance was projected as 160.90 feet, the worst of all vehicles tested.

EV Mustang: Ford produced some 15,000 Special Service Package (SSP) Mustangs from 1982 to 1993 and, before the program ended, at least half of America’s state patrols utilized them. The Missouri State Highway Patrol alone fielded 71 units between 1988 and 1993 in a total of nine colors. I’ve personally owned two retired SSP Mustangs and I am still amazed at how troopers could manage light, siren and radio controls; a cup of coffee; and shift the five-speed simultaneously! Talk about multitasking! 

In the years since 1993, several departments have used civilian Mustangs for stealth traffic enforcement and undercover work, but they were not LE spec’d, built or equipped. Die-hard SSP fans feared that there would never again be a SSP Mustang. Well, I’ve got good news and bad news: The good news is that there is a new Mustang cruiser in town, but the bad news (for combustible engine fans) is that it’s all-electric. But, wait, quit crying in your beer. Just check out the MSP results of the new Mach-E AWD coupe. How about 100 mph in 11.94 seconds or a top speed of 124 mph? And, with standard AWD and ABS, the estimated 60-0 mph stopping distance was 125 feet, the best of all vehicles tested this year! So, for some departments, there may be another pony in the stable in the near future, only this one eats voltage instead of hay.


Chevrolet ( 

The very popular Tahoes continue to be available from Chevrolet, powered by the venerable 5.3L V-8 and available as either the pursuit model (PPV) in RWD or the off-road SSV in 4X4. Both feature ten-speed autos; dual 12V batteries; Class IV, 6000 pound trailering capacity; and a plethora of safety and convenience items. These are basically carryover 2021 models, as are the SSV Silverado trucks.

New from Chevrolet is the Silverado EV which will be unveiled at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the most influential technology event in the world, on January 5, 2022. The all-electric pickup was designed as an EV from the ground up with a variety of options, including four-wheel steering. The estimated driving range is more than 400 miles on a full charge. No word yet if there will be a LE specific model, but civilian and fleet vehicles will be released simultaneously.

GM has also announced the recall of 2021 Tahoes for a fuel pump issue. Specifically, the fuel pump power control module can cause the fuel pump to fail, interrupting fuel flow to the engine and causing an engine stall, increasing the chance of a collision.


Mother Mopar® continues to offer a wide variety of LE vehicles for any assignment your agency may require – two sedans, three SUVs, two pickups, and a van suitable for prisoner transport or a mobile lab or command post. 

The LX Platform Dodge Charger Pursuit sedan, first offered in 2006, is available with two engine choices: the famous 5.7L HEMI V-8 with exclusive Fuel Saver Technology or the 3.6L V-6, the choice of many city departments. The Charger is available with two drive choices, AWD and RWD. The available AWD V-6 offers an increase in both horsepower and torque over the previous V-6 RWD configuration, but AWD is no longer offered with the HEMI engine. Options include NIJ Level III ballistic panel inserts for the front doors.

The Durango Pursuit is also available in both engines, the 3.6L Pentastar and the 5.7L HEMI, and both feature standard AWD. Features include an automatic tri-zone HVAC temperature control to keep K9 units comfortable. It has 85 cubic feet of cargo volume and a towing capacity of 7,200 pounds. You may not be aware of the Durango Special Service – a nonpursuit model available in RWD only which comes with your choice of either engine.

New for 2022 is the RAM 1500 Classic Special Service pickup which features a Class IV, 10,220 pound towing capacity, all-speed traction control and an eight-speed auto trans coupled to the 5.7L V-8 with Fuel Saver Technology and in part-time 4X4 configuration. Available is the optional RAM Cargo Management System. The RAM 2500 Special Service is still available as well. Rounding out the RAM Division is the RAM ProMaster® van which is powered by the 3.6L Pentastar V-6 and features a 4680 pound payload and exclusive 260o rear opening doors which close against the van sides. The spacious interior allows various prisoner configurations or other functions.

Ford Motor Company (

Ford can rightfully boast to be the first American brand to offer a police package vehicle. This occurred in 1950 and, for over 70 years, they continue to produce quality, innovative police vehicles. They offer three SUVs, the PI Utilities, two LE pickups, one passenger van, and a prisoner transport van.

Their lineup starts with three Police Interceptor® Utility SUVs, all with standard AWD. Two are gasoline-powered and one is a Hybrid. The base model features a 3.3L V-6, while their most popular model features a 3.0L V-6 with the amazing twin turbo EcoBoost. While the 2022 Utilities are basically carryover units, they continue to offer an amazing list of standard and optional equipment which have made them the best-selling LE SUVs in North America…and they are built in the USA!  The Utilities feature a number of safety features for your officers including being the first police vehicle capable of self-disinfecting for the COVID-19 virus and other contaminates. They are also offered in a whopping pallet of 17 colors.

Ford’s two F-150 LE pickups are both based on SuperCrew Cab bodies: the Responder and the SSV which offer both the 5.0L V-8 and the 3.5L EcoBoost V-6 and the SSV is 4X2. The Responder is a 4X4 and the EcoBoost V-6 is coupled to their ten-speed auto transmission. Ford Fleet’s other two LE vehicles are the Transport Prisoner Vehicle and the Expedition Max SSV with three row seating and both are carryover models.


Custom Truck and Body Works (

The Savannah Police Department in Georgia recently took delivery of their second Forensic Unit manufactured by Custom Truck and Body Works, Inc. The vehicle was customized throughout to help the forensic unit while on location.

The interior features stainless steel countertops, kitchen sink, refrigerator, mobile workstations, wall-mounted TV screens, whiteboards, and ample storage space.

The outside featured a TOMAR light package, locking external storage compartments, two Coleman® roof-mounted AC units, a 50″ LCD monitor, two electrical roll-out awnings, Onan gas generator, beacon lights, tripod lights, Zico steps, along with rear and side entry.


The Nassau County Office of Emergency Management recently chose LDV to create their new mobile command center/HNT unit. They selected a Ford F-550 regular cab 2WD gas chassis to build their new command unit. It is powered by a 7.3L V-8 gas engine and a six-speed TorqShift automatic transmission with overdrive. Custom fabricated aluminum cabinets provide overhead storage and are faced with dry erase writing surfaces. Installed on the rear wall are two 43″ Samsung 4K Ultra Smart LED TVs which can provide a feed from the rear mast to those working at the five workstations inside the vehicle. On the rear of the vehicle is a heavy-duty non-locking telescoping pneumatic mast. To help keep watch over the command center’s surroundings, a Dome Network camera with Lightfinder technology has also been installed.


Three companies provided LE motorcycles for testing. BMW brought their popular R 1250 RT-P; Harley-Davidson® brandished two police motors – the FLHTP and the FLHP; while Yamaha fielded their FJR1300 P-AB model. The results are as follows:

Motorcycle Acceleration and Top Speed 

The top speed recorded was by the Yamaha at 145 mph, followed by the BMW at 134 mph. Third place was shared by the two Harleys at 110 mph each. BMW posted the fastest 0-60 mph time at 4.17 seconds, while the Yamaha posted the fastest 0-100 mph at 9.25 seconds. Second in the 0-60 ranking was the Yamaha at 4.45 seconds and second in the 0-100 was the BMW at 9.29 seconds. The lighter FLHP posted third place in both the 0-60 (5.30) and 0-100 (17.20) tests, while the FLHTP posted the slowest times in both the 0-60 and 0-100 listings with times of 5.56 and 18.74, respectfully.

Motorcycle Braking

The brake testing presented different rankings, as if the bikes traded places on a Monopoly® board. The best ranking was set by the BMW at a projected distance of 138.30 feet and the second best was the H-D® FLHP at 141.40 feet and followed (for third) by the FLHTP at 145.10 feet. The worst braking was the Yamaha at 147.90 feet, over 9½ feet further than the BMW which would easily have taken out a couple of kids in a school crosswalk.


BMW provided no information for this column. 

Harley-Davidson ( 

The two Harley-Davidson motorcycles tested are both carryover 2021 models, the Road King® and the Electra Glide®, but H-D has two new products they have recently announced. First is their new Police Sidecar Chassis which features improved straight line and cornering stability and requires less steering input for both left and right turns, as well as improved tire to ground contact, reduced vibration and noise, plus improved weight distribution. This will fit 2017 and up Police Touring models.

H-D has also proudly announced a new motorcycle for police worldwide, the Pan American Police Concept. H-D tasked one of their dealers, Laidlaw Harley-Davidson of Los Angeles, to customize their Pan American 1250 Special for police duty and their work debuted at the Orange County Traffic Officers Association’s annual Police Motor Rodeo. This is a new model, so there are not many accessory parts available yet; most came from Harley’s accessory catalog, including H-D’s optional wire-spoked wheels and skid plates. Their Panniers and top box were equipped with red and blue flashing LED lights, plus flashing LED handguards, auxiliary lights and LEDs under the bike’s headlight.      

Yamaha (

The Yamaha motorcycle tested was their FJR1300 P-AB, an option to the touring type motorcycles offered by the competition and the company states it emulates the styling of a luxury sports car. It features an electrically adjustable tall windshield which ensures wind protection at any speed, a taller handlebar, foot shields, and a comfortable seat with two height adjustments. The 1298cc liquid cooled DOHC inline four cylinder is fuel-injected and the bike has detachable side cases. It features a one year limited factory warranty.


Following is a review of new equipment available for your fleet in these sections:  Emergency Lighting, Consoles, Prisoner Containment Systems, Storage Solutions, and More, plus a tribute you won’t want to miss.


CODE 3, Inc. (

CODE 3’s new CD5031 is an exterior warning grille insert light specifically designed to fit inside the Interceptor Utility grille. Its 12 dual color LEDs provide combinations of amber, white, red, and blue colors. The mounts give installation flexibility and each color can be controlled independently. It features a clear lens and black die-cast base.

Ekin Technology (

Ekin is a pioneer in mobile and fixed solutions for safe cities and the creator of the Ekin Patrol G2 ALPR Light Bar and ALPR Bike Patrol.

The Patrol G2 combines a modern design with AI technology, making it the go-to mobile enforcement product which is vehicle compatible, transforming ordinary vehicles into smart patrols. It is able to analyze up to seven lanes of ALPR, as well as front and rear 24/7 video surveillance, along with additional speed detection and parking enforcement options. With extensive data analytics, law enforcement is provided with continuous feedback, giving them the tools to make informed decisions which prioritize safety and save lives.

In addition, Ekin also introduced the world’s first and only compact ALPR Bike Patrol product compatible with any bicycle. The plug-and-play design is a 12V wirelessly controlled system which requires no additional equipment to operate, providing a solution for parking violation enforcement while also generating an audio or visual alert sent in real time which is compatible with smartphones.

Federal Signal (

Federal’s newest lightbar, the Reliant, features a low profile, linear design which provides a multicolor warning system at a budget friendly price. It includes 28 flash patterns and all of the features you have grown to expect in a LED bar. Their SpectraLux® multicolor LED technology allows the light source to change colors (while in operation) between amber, blue, red, and white. The height is 1.3 inches and width is 47.6 inches.

SoundOff Signal (

 SoundOff has introduced their new 48″ nFORCE® NXT lightbar which is the next generation lightbar with 15% increased brightness, yet with a 20% reduction in power consumption. It is available with five different color lenses, three LED alley, six LED inboards, and 12 LED corners. This new lightbar is available with tinted lenses, along with built-in photo cell. Symmetrical endcaps and multicolor alleys are also featured, along with a simple three-wire install.

Also new from SoundOff is their Rapid Deployment Vehicle Warning Kit which provides everything needed to turn an ordinary car into an emergency response vehicle without complex wiring or a permanent install. The kit comes in a case with six mpower® Arrow Kit modules (with red/blue/white LEDs); single and dual shroud Dual Lock Kits; a 100J Speaker; and a handheld controller, along with the necessary brackets and harnesses.

Whelen Engineering Co., Inc. (

Whelen revolutionized emergency lighting in 1952 with their invention of the first rotating “anti-collision” beacon. Today, they continue to push innovation and their WCP Traffic Preemption powered by Opticom clears intersections and has been proven to reduce intersection crash rates by up to 70% and reduce response times by as much as 25%. Opticom EVP functions as a new feature within the Whelen Cloud Platform®, allowing intersection traffic signals to automatically change based on the status and priority of police, fire and EMS emergency vehicles.


Havis, Inc. (

Havis recently introduced their new VSX Console for the Chevrolet Tahoe PPV and SSV. It incorporates a heavy-duty steel floor mounting structure and a polycarbonate plastic body which mounts to the frame, resulting in a 30% lower weight. Features include an integrated printer mount, an internal laptop pole mount, a padded armrest with locking handgun pocket, a card holder and pen well, side storage pockets on the driver and passenger sides (with charging stations), and integral cup holders.

Lund Industries, Inc. (

Lund features new consoles for both the Dodge Durango Pursuit and the Chevrolet Tahoe. The Durango console utilizes the OEM floor mount and features Lund’s “Tactical Design” with a seven inch front height, a 60 degree slope, and a four inch high horizontal section. The console maximizes seat space for duty belts and is specifically designed to wrap the contour of the dash. It is available in four different horizontal section lengths and is designed for emergency egress. The innovative Tahoe console design consists of a primary console body and an attached “Side-Car” module which allows for a variety of user configurable options, including cup holders and printer mounts. The console is designed to allow emergency egress out of either side of the vehicle if needed.

Tuffy Security Products® (

New from Tuffy is their Model 376-01 Security Console for the Ford F-150 LE pickups. These are designed to be inserted into the OEM console with no drilling required, maintaining a stock look while providing superior security utilizing their exclusive Pry-Guard system. Constructed of welded steel, it features a ten tumbler bitted lock and provides secure weapon storage while allowing access to the factory ashtray, armrest, and USB and power outlets.


Go Rhino! Products (

Go Rhino! has created a new Single Cell Detainee Safety Seat for the 2020 and up Ford Utility which addresses the concern of limited space. The complete system includes a half front partition, a half “Pro-Straint” detainee seat, a rear seat frame, and a three-point harness seat belt. It allows full function of the driver’s seat and maximum legroom for the driver which will be welcomed by taller officers. It has been designed specifically to eliminate gaps and cervices where contraband could be hidden and has optional window bars or polycarbonate window guards available.


CTech Manufacturing (

CTech has unveiled a CopBox Cabinet® tactical trunk storage solution for the Chevrolet Tahoe PPV which utilizes factory mounting points with a dedicated “QuickLink®” mounting plate. It features a host of exclusive features such as a lightweight fastener constructed assembly; “MotionLatch®”; full-length dual latching drawers and doors; a hammer tone, powder-coat finish; and radius end corners. In many cases, a CopBox cabinet can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle by simply swapping out the mounting plate. This saves money and time compared to similar trunk storage solutions.

A unique service now available is CTech’s new CopBox Cabinet Selector which represents an innovative new way to shop for trunk storage solutions. This new buying experience allows buyers to view standard CopBox models in simulated 3D. However, the CopBox Cabinet Selector goes far beyond a rendering, offering the chance to customize CopBox Cabinets in a live environment. Options such as gear guards and electronics panels can be added with the click of a button. Prospective buyers select a vehicle application immediately upon entering the selector, ensuring that only compatible CopBox solutions are presented.

The CopBox Cabinet Selector gives prospective buyers a never before seen look at standard trunk storage solutions. A live 3D rendering of each CopBox model allows buyers to comb over construction details and features in detail before ordering.

Gamber-Johnson, LLC (

Gamber-Johnson, known for their electronic mounting equipment, now offers rugged cargo storage with its new Trunk Box solution to improve security and organization of gear and equipment. Its lightweight aluminum construction features a sliding drawer using a dual lock system to access crucial gear quickly. The sliding drawer includes vent cutouts to keep equipment cool, while the inverted top provides additional mounting space. Vehicle-specific mounts are available for the newest pursuit SUVs available, including the 2020+ Police Interceptor Utility and 2021+ Chevrolet Tahoe.

Also new from Gamber-Johnson is their 2021+ Dodge Charger Console Box (Short 8.5″). This has been designed with a shortened length in the horizontal section to provide extra clearance for weapon retrieval while still providing ample mounting space for radios and controls. The new console design is part of their bumper-to-bumper vehicle solution for the 2021+ Dodge Charger.

Jotto Desk (

Jotto continues to develop innovative products for LE applications. Their exclusive Tahoe Cargo Cover is designed to provide a solid horizontal divider in the rear compartment. The upper/top section creates an area for mounting expensive communications, in-car video and lighting equipment which uninstalls easily for service, retaining the lower area for personal gear, or a tote for supplies or mission-critical tactical gear. It provides the strength of 14-gauge steel construction. Mounting options include a Cargo Barrier Mount and a Bio Seat Replacement System Mount. Coming soon is a PI Utility Cargo Cover and a Durango Pursuit Cargo Cover.

OPS Public Safety (

OPS Public Safety manufactures vehicle storage systems for the popular law enforcement and public safety vehicles. New from OPS is their Response-Ready Turn-Key Trailers which include a range of modular interior options (drawers, cabinets, shelving units) to upfit enclosed trailers used for functions such as SWAT, command response, CSI, event security, and disaster relief. They maintain an extensive inventory of these units and can also create a custom design for any unique needs.

Pro-gard Products, LLC (

Pro-gard announced their new Cargo Storage Floor for the Tahoe PPV and SSV models. This is a three compartment, elevated storage system which expands the cargo area allowing officers to conceal a wide range of equipment, weapons and electronics. The three unique hinged storage compartments are installed with push-button latches to easily open and close each time a compartment is needed. It is easily installed and securely mounts directly to the floor utilizing the existing OEM mounting points.

PrintekMobile (

The Interceptor 80 Series provides officers the ability to print full page tickets, reports and other printing needs for patrol car applications. It is the fastest eight inch mobile printer on the market with user-friendly features like dual serrated tear bars, large function buttons, an easy to open paper door, and a ruggedized casing. Mounting systems currently offered by the major mounting companies will work with the I80 with no modifications needed. 

Like other PrintekMobile printers, the I80 is available in Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi and USB version, and comes with a two year warranty. The I80 is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS Bluetooth operating systems.  

Setina Manufacturing Company, Inc. (

Setina has developed a Rear Cargo Management System with electronics and firearms storage for the Chevrolet Tahoe PPV designed to maximize its rear storage capabilities. It is easily installed and provides a flat surface for upper storage, along with two lower storage bays for electronics, cargo and firearms. A lift-up gas spring assists opening the lid for easy access to the storage bays beneath and features a push-button lock. The versatile design works with or without a rear partition and is compatible with Setina’s cargo box systems.

TruckVault, Inc. (

TruckVault is the first company with a secure, low profile LE drone storage system, called the Drone Responder Line. They offer public safety teams secure and efficient methods of storing and deploying drones from their vehicles, as rapid deployment often determines effective response.


Setina Manufacturing Co. has a 58 year history of creating and building quality products and innovation which set the industry standard with their uncompromising adherence to the highest standards. The good folks at Setina always think outside the box and their forward-thinking designs and creations always set the bar which the competition tries to reach, but their new line is bound to have the industry spinning. They have now created a comprehensive line of equipment for the Tesla Y!  Despite the fact that only a dozen or so departments are field-testing the Tesla now, Setina recognized the future of electric cars and is leading the charge (pun intended) with their Tesla lineup which includes a prisoner partition and rear partition; a dual firearms mount with bolt lock; and a console with an armrest, cup holders and a USB port. Outside, the future continues with push bumpers (with or without fender guards), available in aluminum or steel.

Of course, innovation is nothing new for Setina, as the founder, the late John R. Setina, created the first roll bar/prisoner partition in the industry in 1963 while working as a vehicle repair specialist for the Washington State Patrol. His design was also the first patented in America. John’s legacy continues with the integrity and family values he strongly believed in as Setina carries on as one of the most respected names in law enforcement equipment. John’s family values live on in his children, Terry Setina, President, and Judy Setina, Vice President, who have both been an integral part of the company for over 30 years.

After I retired and began restoring retired police cars, I remembered a shotgun lock my department used throughout my 25 year career. I always appreciated the innovative locking design which fooled potential thieves every time one tried to steal our shotguns, as they quickly learned that pushing the button actually locked the device instead of opening it! I asked our garage who supplied the locks as I needed them to complete accurate interiors of my old cruisers and they referred me to Setina. These had to also be an early invention of John’s as we used them in 1965 and I still think they are superior to electric locks (which can be defeated), while that great manual lock keeps working! As I prepared this article, I checked their online catalog and was pleased to see that they still offer this great lock. 

Again, I salute John, Terry and Judy for the company they have created and the police lives they have saved.

Sergeant James Post appreciates your comments and suggestions for future columns. He can be reached at