New Resources: Tips and Leads and Threats to Life

Tips and Leads Publication

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), along with the Global Advisory Committee (GAC) and the Criminal Intelligence Coordinating Council (CICC), is pleased to announce the release of the Tips and Leads and Threats to Life resource documents.

The GAC through the CICC’s Tips and Leads and Threat to Life (TL-TTL) task teams developed resources to support the efficient and timely sharing of TL and TTL information originating from tip lines and social media platforms. These resources highlight the importance of coordination, collaboration, and streamlined information sharing among law enforcement entities and offer guidance and promising practices related to the proper handling of TLs and TTLs. The final set of documents revolve around the premise that responsible multidisciplinary information sharing will enhance stakeholders’ abilities to evaluate relevant data, identify and mitigate credible threats, and route the information to the entities which can provide appropriate support for individuals in need of assistance.

The final package of documents includes Executive Summary; Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs); Promising Practices; Regional Nodes for TL-TTL Sharing Proposal; Standard Operating Procedures; and Statewide School Safety Tip Lines.

All TL-TTL documents and resources were released during the recent Combined GAC-CICC meeting in Washington, DC. They are available at BJA’s Global Justice Information Sharing Toolkit Web