Global Extremist Symbols

Examples of symbols laid out in a row.

Published by the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism, this database contains a compilation of global hate and extremist symbols. Extremist groups collaborate with each other across countries, sharing hateful narratives, tactical playbooks and symbols to represent their cause. This database is a tool for identifying the whereabouts, narratives and violent acts of these extremist groups and is intended to be used by law enforcement, tech companies, policymakers, media, advocates, as well as the general public. Various information is listed regarding each symbol in the directory, including photos, descriptions, associated ideologies, and the location(s) where the symbol was found. So far, the database contains symbols from over 40 different countries and over 20 associated ideologies. It should be noted that this database does not contain a comprehensive list, as new extremist groups are constantly emerging.

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