Security Integration – Using Our Collaborative Expertise to Prevent Violent Crime and Build Trust

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Published by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, this article discusses an event held earlier this year in which representatives from a select group of law enforcement agencies came together from across the country in Tampa, Florida. This event was a peer-to-peer learning opportunity cosponsored by the Tampa Police Department, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, and the US Secret Service. The meeting’s purpose was to provide practitioners with an opportunity to learn from one another regarding the responsible use of technology, deployment of field operations, and development of modern analytical methods to improve public safety. Over the course of three days, presentations and discussions focused on interrupting retaliatory violence generated online and in social media environments; leveraging social media to effectively communicate with different audiences to build trust and reduce victimization; utilizing social media to proactively identify threats; and identifying public safety resources available to assist with planning and preparing for a large-scale event.

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