Season Two of The Debrief Announced

Following the success of its first season, The Debrief with Jon Becker came back for season two which started February 1, 2023.The new season will feature interviews of Medal of Honor Recipient MSgt. Earl Plumlee debriefing his actions on August 28, 2013, in Afghanistan; RCMP Inspector Kevin Cyr discussing RCMP-ERT and tactical decision making; Chief Phil Hansen on the history of LASD-SEB and modern leadership challenges; as well as an operator from Brigade de Recherche et D’intervention (BRI) with a firsthand debrief of the Paris Bataclan hostage rescue. Those are just a few of the guests for season two.

Based on feedback from listeners, The Debrief will move from a primarily video to primarily audio format for season two. The majority of The Debrief audience listens to the show rather than watches it and, by moving to an audio first format, the show will be able to record remote episodes which will provide for a greater breadth of guests. The primary video format will still be used in certain episodes, but audio will be the primary focus. This change of format will not, however, affect the streaming platforms on which the show is available.

Jon Becker, host of The Debrief, shared his thoughts on season two, “I am very excited for season two. We are so grateful to our audience for the support they have given and this season we are planning to take The Debrief to an even higher level. I am privileged to share the stories of amazing people, as well as to explore the issues facing tactical law enforcement. We have amazing guests lined up for this season and we are going to probe some very challenging topics.”

Since the release of the podcast’s first season in June 2022, it has received incredible reviews and accolades including winning a prestigious Muse Award. The Debrief has been covered on other podcasts including CATO, Tactical Breakdown, NPA’s Policing Matters, and on The Blue Line. The Debrief has also been featured in Police and Security News and on

The Debrief is available wherever you find your podcasts, including Spotify, Apple®, Youtube, and Amazon.  New episodes launch on the first of each month. Visit to stay updated on the latest episodes as they are released.