Jon Becker and Guests are Diving Deep into the Leadership Practices of the Elite with The Debrief Podcast

The Debrief Podcast

What does it mean to lead an elite team? Is greatness born through tending to the culture of the team, or does it stem from how individuals are trained to behave under pressure? What strategies allow law enforcement and tactical unit commanders to remain collected and in control in some of the world’s most dangerous situations? And how can we learn from them in order to become better leaders ourselves?

These are just some of the questions Jon Becker and his guests are addressing in The Debrief, a newly released podcast that looks at leadership through the eyes of current and retired law enforcement, military, and SWAT team leaders. With critical incident reviews of operations; stories and experiences on the job; and ruminations on accountability, psychology, history, and American culture, The Debrief’s goal is to make us all better leaders, better thinkers, and better people.

So who is our host, Jon Becker? Jon Becker is an expert in tactical equipment with over four decades of experience working with some of the world’s top law enforcement and military units. After founding AARDVARK at just seventeen, Jon built the company into one of the largest providers of tactical equipment in the world while also becoming an attorney with a focus on civil rights and police litigation. These two areas of expertise converged in his articles, his teaching, and his study of tactical leadership.

After working alongside law enforcement and military leaders for decades, Becker has cultivated a deep understanding of the self-discipline, sacrifice, and motivation required to lead an elite team – and it’s clear that his guests do, too. With an impressive lineup of individuals who have spent their careers putting their lives on the line, The Debrief is a podcast about tactical units and their commanders, but for anyone interested in leading like the elite.

The Debrief is available wherever you find your podcasts, including Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and Google Play. Visit to stay updated on the latest episodes as they release.