FirstForward®: An Online Professional Training Network for First Responders

To help law enforcement personnel meet their continuing education goals, the FirstForward Marketplace offers 700 training opportunities, including all courses vetted by the IADLEST National Certification Program. Officers and departments can find both online and in-person training, including more than 150 free courses. In addition to these training opportunities, FirstForward offers a no cost system to file and store training records with paperless documentation which makes it easy to confirm that continuing education requirements are kept up-to-date.

Officers can keep track of ongoing training, certifications, and renewal deadlines and can also connect with other law enforcement professionals to share experiences and best practices. Built specifically for public safety professionals, FirstForward helps connect police officers with the tools needed to stay safe and be ready for duty.

Designed as an expanded platform specifically for departments, FirstForward PRO includes professional tools to help streamline policy document acknowledgements, ease performance evaluations, track certifications and expirations, and document dangerous incidents.

Since documentation can make all the difference when questions arise about qualifications, training, policies, and procedures, department leaders can enhance the long-term health and success of their officers and easily manage training and compliance, all while eliminating inconvenient spreadsheets and paper documents, for only about ten dollars per officer per year.

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