New Resources Are Available for Fourth Generation Nerve Agents

Military men with face masks on.

Several new resources are now available to help emergency responders and healthcare workers develop specific guidance and training to protect themselves and save lives during incidents involving fourth generation nerve agents, also known as Novichoks or A-series nerve agents. 

Following the incidents in the United Kingdom in 2018 involving a fourth generation agent, the White House National Security Council convened a federal interagency working group to identify and develop resources to help the emergency response community prepare for, and respond to, a fourth generation agent incident should one ever occur in the United States. The resources are available for U.S. emergency response professionals seeking to learn more about the agent used in the United Kingdom and how to protect themselves and respond if such incidents ever occur in their communities. No illicit use or manufacture of a fourth generation agent or other nerve agent is known to have occurred in the United States, and there is no known threat of nerve agent use in the United States.

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