The Rescue Essentials TCCC IFAK

Police officer with leg injury

As the saying goes, you’re only as good as your training. Learning proper tactical combat casualty care techniques and practicing them in the classroom and in field situations has proven beyond all doubt to save lives. The critical importance of training to gain muscle memory and self-treatment capability cannot be overstated.

The Rescue Essentials TCCC IFAK is designed for use as a simulated medical equipment teaching tool for use by law enforcement and tactical medics and is not for field use. Built on North American Rescue’s popular leg rig platform, the kit contains training versions of widely adapted medical products used to treat massive hemorrhage, airway and penetrating chest wounds. The IFAK includes training specific tourniquets, wound packing gauze, pressure dressing, and a chest seal. Also included is a naso tube, a decompression needle, shears, and gloves.

A complete list of contents:

1 C-A-T® Tourniquet (GENERATION 7)

1 Nasopharyngeal Airway

1 7.5″ EMT Shears

1 6″ Israeli Bandage

2 Compressed Gauze

1 Needle Decompression Kit

1 Practi-Seal Chest Seal Trainer

1 SWAT-TTourniquet (black)

1 Combat Medic Reinforcement Tape

1 Casualty Card

1 Mini Sharpie® Marker

1 Nitrile Gloves

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