Information and Opinions Being Solicited

Edward Nowicki, the widely known police trainer and 33 year law enforcement veteran, has announced that he has begun writing a book which focuses on the liberal media and its coverage of police officers. Comprising approximately 50,000 words, this book will expose how the liberal news media distorts facts and selectively reports and twists the truth for the sake of profit and the pursuit of liberal ideology. Police officers’ lives and careers have been destroyed as a result of these distortions.

The liberal news media justifies their unfettered attacks of police conduct as legally sound, since police officers are on a government payroll and because these news stories pertain to “official actions.” Freedom of the press is a guarantee of the United States Constitution; however, this upcoming book seeks to expose the umbrella coverage for a blatantly biased agenda where dedicated police officers are wronged for profit and liberal politics. The book will also deal with issues pertaining to the entertainment media and their portrayal of law enforcement, as well.

With that, Ed Nowicki is soliciting opinions from the professional police community in order to share their thoughts and ideas. Mr. Nowicki can be contacted via E-mail at or at (262) 295-8767 to answer any questions.