VALOR for Blue Releases New Training Program, New Spotlight for Safety

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The VALOR Program has released “Ordinary or Extraordinary?”, a new eLearning module geared to law enforcement officers. This video challenges officers to reexamine their role as law enforcement professionals. It covers:

  • The importance of treating your job as more than “just a job”;
  • How your professionalism directly affects your safety and the safety of those you serve;
  • The definition of a “professional” in law enforcement; and
  • What it means to be a scholar, a statesman and a guardian.

VALOR for Blue members can access the module at

Also new to VALOR for Blue is a Spotlight on Safety called, “Ambush Attacks Against Law Enforcement: Safety and Prevention Strategies.” This series provides practical situational approaches and strategies to help law enforcement officers avoid and survive an ambush attack. Resources include an article, printable posters, podcasts, and other materials. Learn more at; some materials are available to nonmembers.