P&SN 2022 Advertising Rates

Download PDF version of 2022 Advertising Rates

Four Color Rates 

Guaranteed Position Rates

  • Cover II (Inside Front) 20%
  • Premium Cover III (Inside Back) 10%
  • Premium Cover IV (Back Cover) 25%
  • Premium Guaranteed Position Rate – Space Charge Plus 10%

 Terms & Conditions

• No advertising may be cancelled after space reservation closing date.

• If contract is terminated for any reason, the advertiser will be billed previous run advertising at the earned frequency rate.

• Net 30 Days – 5% discount if payment is received prior to issue closing date.

• 15% discount to recognized advertising agencies which provide 100% print ready electronic media and pay invoice in full within 30 days.

• In the event an advertising agency defaults on payment, the client (advertiser) will be responsible for said payment.

• Advertisers and advertising agencies assume liability for all content (including text, representation and illustrations) of advertisements printed, and also assume any responsibility for any claims arising against the publisher.

• The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising deemed unfit for publishing.


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