• July 2016
    How Susceptible Are Police to Corruption?

    By Dr. Michael L. Beshears

    Even though differential association theory was originally applied to criminals, scholars have applied it to police officers, too. This theory states that if a police officer is frequently exposed to criminals, the non-criminal officer, over time, is more likely to become a criminal. Similarly, if a non-corrupt police officer is frequently exposed to corrupt officers, the non-corrupt officer is more likely to become corrupt. Learn more.

  • July 2016
    Understanding the Mind of Mass Shooters: Psychological Autopsy

    What are the personality traits of mass shooters that can help police, family members and others identify violent tendencies? An FBI profiler and crime analyst presented a psychological autopsy of two individuals who shot and killed police officers in 2014.

  • July 2016
    Navy SEAL Who Killed Osama bin Laden Shares Strategies on Mental Toughness

    Robert O’Neill, the team leader for SEAL Team 6 who is widely known to have fired the shots that killed Osama bin Laden, gave a compelling and entertaining keynote address during the annual INLETS seminar. Learn about his strategies for staying mentally tough and never quitting.

  • July 2016
    Heroes Beside The Badge: Active Shooter Guide For LEO Spouses

    By Andrew Cannito

    What happens when an active shooter incident occurs when a police officer is off duty and with his or her family? Here are some tips to help LEO spouses stay safe if they ever find themselves involved in a dangerous situation with their LEO.

  • July 2016
    INLETS Delivers Analysis and Lessons on Terrorism and Mass Shootings

    Mass killings and terrorist attacks continue to happen around the world and can happen in any jurisdiction. The annual INLETS seminar offers presentations and training from commanders who have responded to such events, offering insights and lessons learned. Read more about this year's presentations.