• September 2016
    The Prison Pipeline: Recruiting Women into Human Trafficking Networks

    By Larson Binzer

    Female prisons are ideal recruiting grounds for human traffickers. Read how one woman was recruited while in prison and spent years unable to escape from her traffickers. Here's why correctional facilities must raise awareness through training and help inmates who may be trapped in human trafficking networks.

  • September 2016
    The Hunt for D.B. Cooper: How Intelligence Analysts Took on the Case

    By Erik Kleinsmith

    The mysterious case of D.B. Cooper, a man who successfully hijacked a plane before parachuting away with $200,000, ran cold for more than 45 years. But now, with new input from intelligence analysts, a group of individuals called the "Cold Case Team" may have finally identified the man behind one of the most infamous cases of all time.

  • September 2016
    What Makes an Intelligence Operation Successful?

    The lack of information sharing in the intelligence field can be frustrating. Here's how the intelligence community can better capture the experience and knowledge of analysts and pass that information to the next generation of intelligence officers.

  • September 2016
    Using Intelligence Techniques to Identify Human Trafficking Networks in Prison

    By John Meekins

    Not enough correctional officers realize that human trafficking networks are thriving within prisons. Learn how they can be trained to use basic intelligence-gathering techniques to identify trafficking rings within female prisons.

  • September 2016
    The Uncharted Territory of Body Cameras

    By Jinnie Chua

    From funding to policy writing, many police agencies have faced a series of hurdles in their efforts to outfit their officers with body cameras. Dr. Chris McFarlin, a sworn officer and lawyer, shares some advice on how agencies can navigate the tricky terrain.